Hi My Name is 

Abbigayle Biggs

About Me...

I’ve been working as a graphic designer for five years now and am always looking for a challenge. If you like what you see or are wanting a graphic or photography job done, please feel free to contact me.


About Prunelle Studios...

Prunelle Studios started back in the winter of 2019.   I was looking for a name for my studio, and I came across the phrase ‘The Apple of the Eye,’ I thought it was appropriate. Prunelle is french for this phrase.

Prunelle Studios is commited to bringing high quality service to the customer.

My Skills

Illustrator is my main tool when designing. I have been working in Illustrator for about five years and is one of my favorite software to use.

I have worked in Photoshop for three years. I’ve become very familiar with the program and use it as a back up for my main tool.

I’ve been using InDesign for a year and am not as good in it as other adobe products, but I am learning and at least know my way around the program.

I’ve been doing video editing for over ten years. I started using Premier and Audition four years ago. It is my main tool to use for video editing,

I’ve always enjoyed design.  Fitting seemingly different pieces together to make art is something that can draw many people in. I believe that anything that you put time in to make is art.

I’ve been drawing since before I could talk. It has always been a part of me. I use drawing as a basis for everything. It helps me visualize my ideas and helps me get great inspiration.

Problem Solving may not seem like a skill, but I think it is. I enjoy a challenge and the journey that it takes to get there. If I can’t initially think of an answer, that’s when I need to try and work around it. There is always an answer to everything, even if you can’t see it.




Alvin Abbiggs